About AlphaDoc

This is AlphaDoc, much more than an online appointment booking app.

AlphaDoc also enables patients to log in to their accounts and check their test results online.

Currently, this app is used only by Weston Creek Medical Practice, Weston, ACT.

Weston Creek Medical Practice, therefore, becomes the first Australian medical practice to allow patients to check their test results online.

Registration is required to book an appointment.

In order to be able to access other features, such as checking your blood/radiology results, your online account needs to be linked to the practice account.

For this, an activation code would need to be obtained from the practice and entered in your account Profile page. Please contact the practice for the activation code.

The activation code would only be issued by visiting the practice with a photo ID, such as Passport or Driving Licence.

The results would only be available after your Doctor has checked it. You will see the name of the test and the Comment by the Doctor.

This service is secure, confidential and free. Please note that some tests may take more time than others to be processed and received by the practice.

For safety reasons, the practice would not reveal blood test parameters either online or over the phone, because the results, if abnormal, need to be interpreted by the doctor and are best discussed over a consultation.

AlphaDoc has gone to great lengths to produce a secure application that gives user information the privacy it deserves. All user information excluding the usernames are kept encrypted in the resting state.

This means that information stored in AlphaDoc's user accounts, such as User's Names, Date of Births and even Email addresses are stored encrypted.

This guarantees that even in the event of a database hack, user information would not be revealed, as it is encrypted.

We encourage users to have usernames from which their first and last names are not easy to guess.

The application has put in place several security features that the top banks would be proud of.

This includes Two Factor Authentication through either SMS messages or using Google/Azure Authenticators, as well as Web Application Firewalls.

The site uses SSL tunnels between servers.

Although AlphaDoc does not collect credit card or other financial information, it has voluntary sought to achieve PCI(Payment Card Industry) DSS Compliance and has secured Comodo PCI DSS pass.

The https SSL encryption technology used by AlphaDoc has been assessed by Qualys Labs to be of A+ grade, a grading that is considered difficult to achieve and much better than several Australian banks!! You may check your favourite bank site's SSL grading using this link.

Rest assured, AlphaDoc will never sell user information.